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What’s poppin’ in Arcade?

New popcorn business opens on Main Street

The aroma of freshly popped kettle corn has filled the downtown air over the last few weekends in Arcade, now that Kettle Corn Kreations has officially opened their first brick and mortar store located on Main Street – just across the road from the Arcade & Attica Railroad.

Kettle Corn Kreations was first started in 2015, and is owned by Ray and Madeline Delucci of Niagara Falls.

“We first started Kettle Corn Kreations in 2015,” Madeline said in an email interview. “It is a funny story. My husband came home from hunting (we have a family cabin in Centerville since 1998) called me to come outside to see what he got. I went outside and saw this black thing in the back of his truck. I said to myself ‘… bear?’ It was a KETTLE! I said, ‘What is that and what kind of hair brained idea do you have now?’ He purchased this kettle from our neighbors Phil and Barb Covert, and believe me when I say this was the best purchase he has ever made, it’s true!”

The Deluccis, who have other jobs outside of their kettle corn business – Madeline is a pharmaceutical sales representative since 1985 and working from home since 1997, and Ray is a chiropractor – began taking Kettle Corn Kreations to farmers’ markets during the summer of 2016 and say the response was “overwhelming.”

“We had such a following, that they [customers] would contact us during the week to put in orders to be picked up at the markets,” Madeline said.

Even with experiencing some success, the Deluccis decided to take a break for a couple of years. Then, Madeline explained their son was on Facebook and was contacted to see if he was related to the folks who made the kettle corn. When this person was told that indeed he was their son, the man said, “I have been looking for them for two years!”

Married for 25 years this summer on July 13, the Deluccis have been visiting the surrounding area since before they were married. Madeline said Ray camped at Mockingbird as a child, and that as a family they had a site at Arrowhead as well. Last hunting season, Madeline said she and her husband were traveling through when Ray noticed a sign posted in a window on Main Street, Arcade that read: “For Rent.”

“We must have passed it [the sign] at least a dozen times,” Madeline said.

Ray decided to call on the space, leaving Madeline to say, “Here we go again!”

The Deluccis met with the landlords – Marissa and Dennis Sanders – and arranged to see the space. Madeline gives credit to her husband, stating he saw the potential as soon as they walked in.

“Ray and I pondered about it, as I knew he really wanted to move forward. So, we said ‘Yes!’”

Opening their doors for the first time to the public over Memorial Day weekend, Kettle Corn Kreations of course has kettle corn available – in many varieties, as well as movie time popcorn with no sugar. But kettle corn is not all that one will find when they visit Kettle Corn Kreations’ store.

“Our popcorn is very unique, although I cannot give our secrets away,”Madeline said. “We wanted to let you know that we use top quality ingredients and are always open to suggestions.”

The store also has a section of sugar free candy, including miniature peanut butter cups, peppermint patties, hard candy, and hard licorice among other items. In addition to the sugar free candies, Kettle Corn Kreations also has Amish-made pastries from longtime friends who reside in Centerville. Albanese gummi bears along with old-fashioned mini licorice  in all sorts are on hand at the store. Specialty chocolates from Niagara Chocolates/Niagara Honeymoon Suites in Niagara Falls are also available. Currently, Kettle Corn Kreations also has cherry flavored candy apples, and plan to add the cinnamon flavor ones in the future.

Oh, and don’t forget about the beer nuts.

“Our Buffalo Wing nuts (I named those!) are very addicting,” Madeline said. “They are sweet and spicy, and they go excellent with beer!”

Speaking of beverages, Kettle Corn Kreations also have a few drinks available.

Customers can purchase a few drinks such as IBC root beer or loganberry by the cup. There is also fresh lemonade.

“We make delicious fresh Lemon Shakers,” Madeline siad. She added that this is another one of her husband’s ideas. “They taste just like the fair but half the cost. For an upcharge you can also add in either loganberry or non-alcoholic sangria for a kick!”

“We carry a variety of spices in bulk, which is priced just right,” Madeline said of other items available for purchase.

More items are planned to be added for availability at the store in the future.

“We are adding a few other items, which I don’t want to say but know that you all won’t be disappointed,” Madeline said.

Madeline said the community has been welcoming thus far, and that Kettle Corn Kreations received an order for graduation when they first opened. And even before opening, Madeline said they had an order for a bridal shower too.

Madeline and Ray will be at the store on Main Street in Arcade on weekends, and are currently being assisted by their daughter and soon-to-be son-in-law. Madeline’s sister also helps out.

“My mother will do pizzelles for us, and it is my grandmother’s recipe that my father always made,” Madeline added.

The Deluccis are excited to be in the Arcade community, and are thankful to those who have helped them open their store.

“I just wanted to thank some people who helped us get this beautiful store up and running,” Madeline said. “Our son Raymond, our daughter Leena, soon to be son-in-law John, my sister Darlene, my cousins Scott and Brandy, and our landlord Dennis, without them this would never have happened and for that we are forever grateful. To the Arcade and surrounding community, we thank you and are looking forward to years to come.”

Kettle Corn Kreations will be open 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. These hours are subject to change, as the Deluccis plan to move to Centerville this fall. The store will be open all year round.